Individual Therapy

ADHD Individual Intensive

Available Beginning Nov 2023

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common developmental syndrome which impacts the brain’s executive functioning (EF). Individuals with ADHD struggle with executive functioning issues including judging time, inhibition and resistance to distraction (self-restraint), self-awareness, working memory, planning and problem-solving, emotional self-control, Self-Regulation Deficit Disorder- SRDD, and self-motivation.

This series of 5 targeted ADHD sessions is designed to make a dent in some of the projects that have been roadblocks for you. Your clinician will develop your understanding about the nature of this disorder and work along side you to check off your to do list with tried and true productivity interventions for ADHD brains.

The ADHD Individual Intensive is 5 weeks of personalized goal achievement coupled with:

  • Psycho-educational therapy
  • Curated resources
  • Live practice and follow through

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