About Us

Changing the standard of care

At Avance Care, we’ve set out to create a totally new kind of health care experience — one with people at the center.

Welcome to a new kind of care

Avance Care is committed to providing the best primary care through high quality, an exceptional experience and modern technology that allows us to always be by your side. Healthcare is changing and we are transforming the care experience around your needs so we can always be by your side.

We make it easy, more convenient and more enjoyable to look after your health.

Who are we

Avance Care is an innovative healthcare organization that has been offering convenient, cost-effective healthcare services since 2008. Avance Care operates a system of healthcare practices across North Carolina and utilizes a proprietary operating platform comprised of sophisticated information technology systems and highly developed workflow processes and procedures. Our unique operating system has enabled us to generate industry-leading patient satisfaction rating, quality of care, and efficiency.

Our beginnings

We believe, in this ever-changing world of health care reform, an organization that is efficient, generates better outcomes, and provides exceptional patient experience, will always be successful. High-quality healthcare should be convenient, affordable, and efficient.

Our inception in 2008 was founded on the notion that urgent care-type convenience, hospitality industry-type customer focus, and efficiency based on the focused use of technology could be defining characteristics of a primary medical care setting.  The objective has always been to keep patients healthy and reduce overall health care cost. With a tremendous effort since inception, we have developed systems to implement a replicable model of comprehensive primary care – Avance Care. Over time, we have evolved to include primary care complimentary sub-specialties, including psychiatry, neurology, women’s health, and others.


Our purpose

Shape the future of healthcare to improve the lives of our patients, team members, and associates.

Our vision

To make primary care our patients’ default choice for any healthcare need.

Our mission

Build a comprehensive primary care-centric healthcare system that simplifies healthcare, generates better outcomes, and reduces cost.

We believe:

That a model healthcare delivery system is primary care-centered

That healthcare should be convenient and accessible

In keeping the patient-provider interaction as pure and as uncomplicated as possible

In providing best experience to patients, providers, and team members

In providing integrated nutrition, behavioral, and other complementary specialty services under one roof

That a patient should not be burdened with navigating the complexities of the healthcare system

In shifting the responsibility from PCP to PCP-led care team for patients’ health and well-being

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