Online Bill Pay

Avance Care is enhancing its billing department to continue providing our patients an exceptional experience.

Some of the improvements you will start seeing in January 2024 include:

  • New and improved statement design are easier read and identify specific charges, credits, and balances due. The new note section will alert you to important information.
  • Simplified bill pay platform offer Guest Pay (no registration needed)
  • QR codes on the statement will make it easier to navigate to the payment platform.
  • Set up your own payment plans. Our new online payment platform will allow you to set up payment plans online, without having to call Billing.
  • Pay by Text. This new feature will be added as soon as we have fully transitioned to the new system


Make a Payment Now

To make an online payment now, click the “Pay New Statement” button. You will be linked to the new online bill payment platform.


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