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ADHD Therapy Groups

Now accepting referrals for Fall cycle (starting Oct 16).

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a complex disorder that impacts the brain’s executive functioning (EF) and emotional regulatory systems. ADHD interferes with completing tasks, memory, focus, organization, emotion intensity and feelings of acceptance. Untreated, children with ADHD grow up with an elevated risk of school failure, peer rejection, family conflict, substance use disorders, delinquency, underemployment, depression, accidental death, suicide, and physical health problems.

The Avance Care Behavioral Health ADHD therapy group teaches you techniques to overcome your barriers to EF and emotional regulation. You will learn to accommodate those natural deficits through environmental changes and compassionate skill building in a group setting with individuals experiencing similar struggles.

By participating in this group you are developing a supportive community of people who have experienced the same struggles you have with ADHD. In the group, members support each other in trying new adaptations to your environment that will enable you to remember better and focus more clearly.

Avance Care ADHD Therapy Group

Over 10-weeks, you will learn techniques to help with focus and follow through, you will become better able to practice needed self-care, and you will gain skills important for maintaining healthy relationships. If you are not able to join in person, there will be virtual groups available.

    Our ADHD Groups

The Avance Care ADHD therapy groups are held at the Avance Centers of Excellence in Psychiatry and Behavioral Health. Groups will meet on in person on Mondays, 6PM – 8PM. Fee is $40 per session (10 sessions) or $360 in advance for all sessions.

To learn more about the Avance Care ADHD therapy group, or to join a group, contact the Avance Care Behavioral Health Coordinator at (919)874-5443.