Medical Records

Medical Records

The medical records department grants you full access to information on your health history, care and treatment you received at all of your Avance Care visits. You have a right to your medical records, but please note that these records are property of the facility and must be reviewed by all physicians involved in your care before they can be released. Your medical records are confidential documents and require written authorization before they can be disclosed. If you are 18 or older, you can complete an authorization form in writing or online. The medical records department is open 7:00 am to  4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.


Requesting your Medical Records

To request your records and speak with one of our medical records specialists, call 919.237.1337. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing all medical records requests.

To request a copy of your medical records to/from Avance Care, you will need to complete the online Authorization for Release of Medical Records form.

Behavioral Health Records

If you are requesting Behavioral Health records for personal use, you must complete the Authorization for Release of Medical Records and the Informed Consent to Accept Personal Medical Records form. Please note that these records can only be faxed or mailed and cannot be picked up from the office.

Options for Submitting Authorization for Release of Medical Records

  • Submit online at
  • Fill out a written request at your closest Avance Care location
  • Fax request to 919-237-1625
  • Mail request to:  Avance Primary Care, 4705 University Dr., Bldg 700, Durham, NC 27707

For Law Offices and Third Parties

Please note that signed consent is required for all medical records requests. Please make sure to send a release with all medical records requests. Please allow 5 – 7 business days for processing. After records have been processed, you will be faxed an invoice. Medical records are charged by page in accordance with N.C. General Statute § 90-411. Acceptable payment methods include credit card or checks. Please do NOT pay an invoice online. Payments made online will delay record facilitation. Please call the medical records department at 919.237.1337 to pay over the phone with a credit card or mail a check to: Avance Primary Care, 4705 University Dr., Bldg 700, Durham, NC 27707

Please send subpoenas for Avance Care medical records via certified mail to: Avance Primary Care, 4705 University Dr., Bldg 700, Durham, NC 27707

Please note that N.C. Gen § 8-53 and the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 42 C.F.R. § 164.512 restrict when medical records can be produced. Avance Care can generally provide such records only in response to a valid court order from a North Carolina or federal court with appropriate jurisdiction or a HIPAA-compliant patient authorization.

For Minor Patients

If your child is under 18 and you would like to request his/her records, please make sure you are listed on the Disclosure and Consent form. This form is typically completed at the time of establishing care. If a parent is requesting his/her child’s records and is not listed on the Disclosure and Consent form, the request will NOT be honored. In accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Law, our physicians have the right to use discretion when disclosing medical information. This is in the event the physician suspects abuse, neglect, or other legality issues.

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