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Morning Walk-in Hour and Same Day Appointments for Sick Visits

We are generally able to provide same day appointments. Please call us or LiveChat.

  • Walk-in Hour: Monday – Friday: Morning – 7:30AM to 8:00AM.
  • Saturday – Sunday: 50% of appointment slots kept open for same day sick appointments. We highly recommend you call us or LiveChat and obtain a same day appointment.

Illnesses that are chronic in nature or that are more complex and don’t require immediate attention are NOT APPROPRIATE for walk-in hours. We request that visits for the following concerns be scheduled during normal appointment hours: allergy testing, chronic abdominal pain, colic, behavior concerns, sleep issues, chronic constipation, school related problems, ADHD, chronic headache, follow up from a hospital stay, and medication management.

In most cases, if requested before noon, we provide same day appointments.

Additional Fees for Extended Hours Service

In order to help compensate for our higher operating costs during evenings (starting 6 PM),weekends, and holidays, Avance Care uses Extended Hours Service specialty code while submitting insurance claims on your behalf for non-preventive care visits. The fee for this service code is up to $50. This fee is added to the baseline charges for your visit. Most insurance companies recognize this billable charge and will provide full or partial reimbursement. You may be responsible for only the allowable portion of this charge in the event that your insurance company assigns it to your deductible or coinsurance. If you have additional questions, please contact your insurance plan for specific details regarding this service.

For self-pay patients, the fee for the Extended Hours Service is $15 for the non-preventive care visit.

After-Hours Care

  • On call services is for established patients only. We must be the primary medical provider for the patient in order to give medical advice over the phone. We cannot provide telephone advice to non-established patients, even if they are the spouse or child of an existing patient.
  • Emergencies must be evaluated promptly in the nearest Emergency Department.
  • Because we cannot examine a patient over the telephone, the doctors may be unable to diagnose or treat all symptoms by telephone.
  • An on-call doctor is available by telephone for non-emergent issues. Please call your office’s primary phone number after hours to be directed to the physician on call.
  • On call service is not intended for any non-urgent issues.
  • Messages left on after-hour voice mail will result in a direct call to our provider’s cell phone number.  Please, do not wake up our providers for non-emergent issues such as prescription requests or appointment related requests.  Such non-emergent calls may result in a fifty dollar after hours service fee.

Established Patient

If you are an existing patient, please click here to request an appointment.

New Patient

Before your first appointment, please arrange for previous medical records to sent to us if:

  • You are taking any medications
  • You have had any surgeries or major procedures done
  • You are being followed by any other health-care providers
  • You have seen a doctor for any reason within the last 5 years
  • Immunization records are necessary for all patients younger than 25 years old, and preferred for all of our patients

A medical records request form can be downloaded here. You will need to fill out the form completely, sign the form and send it to your previous doctor before your records can be sent to us.

On the day of your first appointment, please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment. Bring your current insurance card and driver’s license or picture identification. Be prepared to complete paperwork.

Please click here to get started.

Open Access Appointment Scheduling

Avance Care has adopted Open Access Scheduling. Open Access will allow us to schedule most appointments within 24 hours.

Open Access is a new patient scheduling concept that emphasizes doing “today’s work today,” rather than scheduling appointments weeks or months in advance. Physician offices that have adopted Open Access scheduling now treat 50 percent of patients on the same day they call to make an appointment. The remaining patients are seen within five business days, usually by choice.

This means that you will no longer have to wait weeks for an appointment to be seen for problems such as:

  • Sick/Urgent Visits
  • Blood Pressure Checks/Diabetic Checks/Cholesterol Checks
  • Annual Physicals/Gynecologic Exams/School Physicals
  • Routine Follow-ups

Please note if you are ill and your physician is not able to see you, you can be seen by another provider at Avance Care.

With our Open Access scheduling system, we still ask that you:

  • Arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time if you are a new patient and 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment if you are an established patient to allow time for registration.
  • Notify us if you cannot make your appointment, so we can schedule another patient who may need to be seen. A fee of $35 is charged for missed appointment that is not canceled more than 24 hours in advance.

Common Questions

How do I schedule a visit?

You may request an appointment the day before or in the early morning of the day you would like to be seen. For example, if your need appointment on Wednesday mornings, you can request appointment any time on Tuesday or early Wednesday to get an appointment.

How do I schedule an appointment on or six months from now?

You no longer need to schedule an appointment in advance. At the end of your doctor’s visit, your provider will set your follow up in our Electronic Health Record. We’ll call you when it’s time to follow up within 1 to 2 weeks to schedule your appointment at a time that works for you.

Will I be able to see my own doctor?

YES! Simply call the day before you want to come in. If your doctor is not available on a day when you need to be seen immediately, another provider can see you instead.

What if I just “walk in” and ask for an appointment?

A doctor will see you if you have an urgent medical problem and walk-in without an appointment during our dedicated walk-in hours. For other hours, we must give priority to patients who already have scheduled appointment. For this reason, we ask that you make an appointment to be seen that day or walk in during our dedicated walk-in hours for that day.

My doctor told me I need a procedure in the office. Do I just call that day for an appointment?

Because you and the doctor need to make special preparations before the procedure is performed, the appointment will always need to be scheduled more than two days in advance.