"Amanda Burrafato continues to provide tremendous helpful insights for our family."

"Amanda Burrafato,LMFT, is a genuine professional who is warmly guiding me through this grief journey."

"I have been Amanda Burrafato for almost a year. She provides excellent care, especially in couples therapy. Her help has been fundamental in the improvement of my relationship."

Amanda Burrafato, LMFT, LCAS is a Licensed Marriage, Family and Addiction Therapist with Avance Primary Care in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Amanda received her bachelor’s degree in psychology honors from Seton Hall University and a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Syracuse University. Amanda has spent years in crisis management serving individuals and families at their most vulnerable. Amanda is frequently a community advocate serving on local mental health improvement and awareness committees, providing training for local organizations, and conducting mental health awareness events.

Amanda has experience working with individuals, couples, and families navigating difficult transitions, addiction, chronic mental health issues, and trauma. Amanda is a strength-based clinician that takes an engaging, person-centered approach to facilitating change.

Amanda believes healing comes from the development of a safe environment both inside and out. She works with individuals and relationships to identify toxic patterns of behavior and create decisive action plans to produce meaningful and lasting change for participants.

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