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Pooja Ganatra is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate (LCSW-A) and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate (LCAS-A). She graduated from North Carolina State University  in 2019, earning her Bachelor’s in Psychology, and later again in 2022, with her Masters of Social Work (MSW). During her time as a Master’s student, Pooja focused on Addiction Counseling through the Opioid Workforce Expansion Program (OWEP), allowing her to specialize in psychotherapy work with those suffering from substance use issues.

Her clinical experience has varied through her many years in this field, working with a wide range of clients from different age groups and various settings including intensive in-home, partial hospitalization, and  in-patient psychiatric hospitals. She specializes in  depression, psychosis, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, behavioral issues, stress and anxiety, mood disorders, substance use, and multi-cultural issues, particularly those struggling with managing living within both Asian and American cultures.

She approaches her work with clients by meeting them where they are at, striving for goals they want to achieve, and using therapeutic approaches that are adapted to each individual client. She strongly believes in the use of a Biopsychosocial Model- a model that examines the biological, psychological, and socio-economic aspects of each client’s life and the interconnection between these factors in efforts to address ongoing issues the client is experiencing. Furthermore, she believes in utilizing a strength-based perspective that empowers her clients to become more independent and apply skills learned in a therapeutic setting, to their real world.

Pooja is from Charlotte, North Carolina. In her free time, she can be found spending quality time with her cats and friends, cooking, reading, creating art or puzzles, spending time studying topics that interest her or riding her motorcycle. She also enjoys eating delicious food, watching movies/shows, and listening to music.

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