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March 6, 2024

National Nutrition Month: What Can a Registered Dietitian Do For You? with Jovanna Orozco, MS, RDN, LDN

by Jovanna Orozco, MS, RDN, LDN

Registered dietitians, also known as RDs, are educated experts in the field of food and nutrition.  RDs help people with various health issues, like diabetes and heart disease, to find the best foods to improve their health. Every March, RDs celebrate National Nutrition Month which aims to bring awareness to nutrition topics that encourage people to eat healthier and make more informed food decisions. The theme this March is “Beyond the Table” which focuses on incorporating a healthy eating routine at home, on the run, and when eating out. At Avance Care, an RD can help you explore the ways you can reach your health and nutrition goals Beyond the Table, through individual counseling, group education and support groups!

Individual Counseling

The most popular way an Avance Care RD can help you meet your nutrition and health goals is through personalized, one-on-one sessions. During your first visit, the RD will ask you specific questions to learn more about you and your lifestyle habits, behaviors, likes and dislikes, to better customize their recommendations to fit to you! We understand that everyone is different, and we want to make sure we adapt our nutrition and health recommendations towards your individual medical history and preferences.

In follow-up individual sessions with a dietitian, you can work on many things to help you eat and be healthier. A common misconception is that an RD will judge you on your eating habits or put you on a strict meal plan. At Avance Care, our dietitians will listen carefully and empathetically to give you tailored advice to improve your food choices. Our dietitians are kind, non-judgmental, and understanding; we want to help you find small, achievable ways to work towards your long-term goals with positivity!

Our variety of dietitians ensures that you can find someone who is the best fit for you. You can read more about our team and their individual specialties here!

Group Counseling

In group counseling sessions with a RD, you can share your personal experiences with others and learn from people who might also have similar goals or challenges as you. In a group setting, the RD can teach everyone about important things like healthy eating habits, reading food labels, or cooking nutritious meals. You can also ask questions and hear answers that might help you and others in the group. Our groups are also fun and motivating! You can cheer each other on as you work towards your health goals. Most group classes have a common theme and can be an exciting way to learn new things.

Our current group classes include:

Thriving with Diabetes – a 5-week series aimed at helping your improve your diabetes management.

Building Healthy Habits – a 12-week series to learn nutrition basics, while learning how to break unhealthy habits and build new ones.

Intuitive Eating and Self-Care –  a 16-week group co-led by a RD and behavioral therapist to help you heal your relationship with food and your body.

Support Groups

At Avance Care, we are always trying to make sure we meet the needs of our patients and are constantly working on making sure we are offering you the support you need. Our free, virtual support groups provide a nurturing environment where you can come together with people who have similar concerns, to share your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Support groups foster a sense of belonging, acceptance, and understanding. An Avance Care support group can help you navigate life’s challenges to help you develop coping strategies, build resilience, and achieve your long-term health goals.

Our current support groups include:

Diabetes Support Group – hosted every 3rd Thursday of the month from 5:30-6:30pm. Created to provide you with practical advice to manage diabetes from others with experience managing it themselves.

Gastrointestinal (GI) Support Group – hosted every other month on the 4th Wednesday from 6-7pm. Created to provide you with information on how to live and manage GI disturbances such as IBS, Crohn’s, UC, GERD, Celiac, etc.

If you are interested in any of these 5 group programs, you can go to to register or express interest in them and we would be happy to reach out to you!

If you are interested in partnering with an Avance Care in one-on-one sessions to reach your health and nutrition goals, please visit our website for more information, or call (919)237-1337, option 4 to speak to a nutrition coordinator.

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