Get to Know Jovanna

Jovanna Orozco is an Health at Every Size and intuitive eating-aligned Registered Dietitian, board-certified by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. She completed her Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetic Internship at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Before becoming a Registered Dietitian, Jovanna worked in long-term care, food service and as a research assistant at UNC Greensboro.

During her time at UNCG, Jovanna gained experience in cultural/international nutrition, infant feeding and childhood nutrition, diabetes prevention and management, and chronic disease care. Given her Mexican American background, Jovanna is fluent in Spanish and is passionate about serving the Hispanic/Latinx community; something she uses as a driving force for serving patients of all cultures and populations. As a registered dietitian, Jovanna aims to aid her patients in reaching their nutrition goals through personalized counseling. Jovanna encourages her patients to embrace all foods, as well as finding ways to improve individual nutrition and health through relevant and affordable food options and incorporating joyful lifestyle practices.

In her free time, Jovanna enjoys cooking new dishes, listening to music, going to the gym, and exploring new cities. You can often find her enjoying various cuisines and cultures, arts and museums.

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