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February 23, 2024

How to Create Healthy Sleep Habits and Improve Your Sleep Quality

by Margaret Garehan, LCMHC, CRC, LCAS-A

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? You’re not alone. Rewatch this one-hour virtual discussion on mastering the art of quality sleep with Behavioral Health Therapist, Margaret Garehan, LCMHC!

She’s bringing you expert insights and practical tips to help you unlock the secrets to restful nights and energized days, covering everything you need to know about cultivating healthy sleep habits – from understanding the science of sleep to practical strategies for improving sleep quality!

Get to Know Margaret Garehan, LCMHC, CRC, LCAS-A

Margaret Garehan, LCMHC, CRC, LCAS-A is a Licensed Behavioral & Addiction Therapist and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with Avance Primary Care serving patients via virtual appointments.

Margaret works with adults and adolescents (ages 13 and above) and has experience working with the following behavioral wellness concerns: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, perceptual disturbances (i.e. hallucinations), familial stress, interpersonal stress, adjustment to newly acquired or long-standing disability, suicidality, caregiver fatigue, and substance use. She has five years of experience working in a community mental health setting providing services to at-risk populations.

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