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April 6, 2020

Healthy Tips for Working from Home

By Bonnie Wilson, MS, RDN, LDN

People all over the world are currently seeing big changes in their day-to-day routines, one of which is that many of us are now working from home if able to. Working from home can have many perks; however, one common complaint that dietitians have been hearing is that people are struggling with boredom eating when home all day. The following are some tips for continuing to focus on your health while working from home:

  1. Don’t do your work in the kitchen. It is best to separate yourself from the kitchen unless you are eating a meal or snack. It can be easy to distract ourselves from work by wandering into the kitchen or opening the refrigerator, especially if they are in our line of sight. Working in a different area in our homes can help to reduce this risk.
  2. Take breaks! Set time aside for regular meals and snacks throughout the day. Step away from your work and eat in the kitchen. Just like food can distract us from work, work can also distract us from our meals, which can lead to accidental overeating. Let your mind rest from work for a bit and enjoy your meal or snack.
  3. Get regular movement. If you can, go outside and talk a walk or find ways to incorporate physical activity indoors, such as jumping jacks or doing an online exercise video that you enjoy. Physical activity has many benefits including improved stress management and better sleep.
  4. Eat if you are hungry. It can be easy to be so wrapped up in work that we don’t recognize our hunger signs and go too long between meals/snacks. This can lead to wandering the kitchen and eating mindlessly when you finally allow yourself to take a break. It can help to set alarms on your phone that remind you to take meal or snack breaks.
  5. Ask for support! It can be helpful to have these conversations with others. The Avance Care dietitians are available to connect with patients through telehealth. You can email [email protected] or call 919-237-1337, option 4 to schedule.


Bonnie is a registered dietitian at the Avance Care Durham location. In her free time, she enjoys exploring her home of Raleigh, NC and playing with her new puppy, Nola, or kitty, Wolfgang. She enjoys most sports and can often be found cheering on her NC State Wolfpack, Carolina Panthers, and Carolina Hurricanes.

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