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November 14, 2022

Top 8 At-Home Remedies for Colds this Winter

As colder weather approaches, you should make sure you’re prepared for the uptick in respiratory illnesses that happen during this time of year. For a variety of reasons, people seem to be sick more often during the winter months. It could be from a variety of factors, including more time spent indoors, less time in the sun receiving Vitamin D and boosting your immune system, or even just the dry air affecting your respiratory system. Whatever it is, it’s common to experience at least a cold during the winter.

And while a “cold” may sound small and insignificant, we all know how miserable and exhausting they are to overcome. Because of that, we’re sharing our top tips and tricks to getting over your cold this season!

Here are 8 At-Home Remedies to Help You Fight a Cold this Winter:

  1. Hydrate! Staying hydrated in general is important for your body in order to function regularly and efficiently. When you’re hydrated, you can ensure your cells and immune system can work well, as well as flush germs out of your system. To know an appropriate amount of water for you to drink, speak with your primary care provider.
  2. Gargle Water. Sore throat relief can come through gargling warm salt water.
  3. Spend Time in the Sun. Vitamin D, available to you through sunlight, helps strengthen your immune system and fight off bacteria and viruses. Spending a few minutes in the sun every day helps boost your immune system to heal your body.
  4. Take Appropriate Supplements. A variety of supplements and herbal medicines are recommended when you’re sick, including Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, and more. Before you add supplements to your routine, it’s important to speak with your primary care provider to discuss your diet, lifestyle, and recommended amounts of supplements. It can be dangerous to suddenly add large amounts of supplements and vitamins to your routine without consulting a doctor.
  5. Use an Air Humidifier or Take Warm Showers and Baths. Dry air is hard on your respiratory system. Using an air humidifier is beneficial to add moisture to the air in your home and help your respiratory system. Warm showers and epsom salt baths can also serve as a decongestant and help relax muscles and ease body aches.
  6. Rest. Fighting off a cold or infection is hard on your body. Providing your body with enough rest allows your body to focus its energy on healing instead of expending it elsewhere.
  7. Eat Infection-Fighting Foods. Bananas and rice can soothe an upset stomach. Foods like bell peppers are rich in Vitamin C. Onions help the body clear infections. Black and green tea have natural antibiotics.

It can be difficult to know when it’s time to visit a doctor or not; is it allergies or the flu? Is it a cold or pneumonia? Most start with similar symptoms or feelings, and knowing the sooner you get medicine the sooner you feel better, it can be confusing and hard to decide when to get out of bed and into the doctor’s office. If you’re experiencing any of the main symptoms below, we recommend visiting your doctor:

If you’re having trouble breathing or chest pain, you should always visit a doctor or go to the emergency room.

If your fever doesn’t get better, you most likely have an infection that needs professional treatment. If you have a persistent fever over 100.4, you should visit your doctor.

If you can’t keep food or liquids down, you should visit your doctor. You need to remain hydrated and provide your body with energy in order to get better.

If you’re having severe sore throat pain and it’s difficult to swallow, you most likely have an infection and should visit your doctor.

If over the counter medications aren’t helping you feel better or your symptoms don’t go away, you should check in with your doctor.

You can always give your doctor’s office a call or send a message on the Avance Care patient portal to determine if your symptoms require a visit.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, visit our online scheduler and make an appointment with an Avance Care provider today.



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