Intuitive Eating

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Disordered Eating Support

Disordered eating and eating disorders are not one and the same. Eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia nervosa, involve extreme concerns related to eating behaviors, body weight and body image, and are serious mental health disorders that may need intensive treatment and support for recovery.

Disordered eating is defined as “a wide range of irregular eating behaviors that do not warrant a diagnosis of a specific eating disorder.” It includes concerning relationships with food, exercise and/or one’s body.  Some characteristics of disordered eating might include:

  • Distorted body image
  • Body shape or weight being used as a primary measure of self-worth
  • Strict rules around eating and/or exercise
  • Chronic dieting with unhealthy weight control behaviors such as fasting, skipping meals, or restricting and eliminating multiple food groups
  • Frequent weight fluctuations
  • Eating for comfort, not hunger
  • Feelings of guilt and shame resulting from an inability to maintain food and exercise habits


Avance Care has dietitians specializing in both disordered eating and formally diagnosed eating disorders. We work together with behavioral health specialists and your primary care provider as a treatment team, with you at the center.

If you have a diagnosed eating disorder, your care team must include a medical provider and behavioral health therapist, in addition to a dietitian.

Our dietitians address disordered eating and body image concerns through a non-diet approach that helps you recover the ability to connect with your body and your hunger and fullness cues.


In addition to one-on-one counseling, we offer a group aimed as those who wish to improve their relationship with food and their body.

Avance Care Intuitive Eating and Self-Care Group

This 16-week support group, for patients 18 and older, will alternate between a Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Clinical Therapist. This group requires a 16-week commitment, that includes unique, weekly topics, in addition to individualized meal support. The group meets weekly at noon.

To learn more about the Avance Care Intuitive Eating Group, click the button below, contact the Avance Care Behavioral Health Coordinator at (919) 874-5443, or complete the Nutrition Group interest form and someone will contact you.


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