Avance Care Behavioral Health

2 Eating Disorder Therapy Groups

Starting Oct 18 & 19

Avance Care Eating Disorder Support Groups

Two support groups for patients 18 and older are being offered in partnership with Avance Care Nutrition.

Meal Support

This group focuses on building skills to manage anxiety and other emotions about eating. Held virtually on a weekly basis, with admission welcome at any time.

Eating Disorder (ED) Therapy Group 

For those in ED recovery, this 16-week group alternates between body acceptance curriculum and intuitive eating and nutrition education. This group is offered virtually and in-person.


16-Week Disordered Eating Therapy Group Details:

8 weeks of Be Body Positive curriculum includes working on body acceptance with Behavioral Health providers.

Topics covered include:

  • Reclaim Health (Health at Every Size principle)
  • Practice Intuitive Self-Care
  • Cultivate Self-Love
  • Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty
  • Build Community

8 weeks of Intuitive Eating and Nutrition Education with our Nutrition Services team.

Topics covered include:

  • Intro to Intuitive Eating
  • Reject Diet Mentality
  • Honor your Hunger and Feel Your Fullness
  • Making Peace with Food and Discover the Satisfaction Factor
  • Gentle Nutrition & Shopping
  • Cope with Your Emotions with Kindness and Respect Your Body
  • Joyful (Body-Positive) Movement
  • Honor Your Health

Which group is right for you?

To learn more about the Avance Care Eating Disorder Groups, or to join a group, contact the Avance Care Behavioral Health Coordinator at (919)874-5443.

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