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June 4, 2024

Putting Your Oxygen Mask On First: The Importance of Self-Care

by Samuel "Guy" Cecelski, LCSW

If you’re feeling burnt out, or like you go through an entire day giving, giving, and giving, without a minute for yourself, this is for you.

Rewatch this one hour interactive webinar, where Behavioral Health Therapist with Avance Care, Guy Cecelski, talks about self-care, why it’s important, and how to navigate it in your life. After all, just like on an airplane, we can’t help those around us unless we put our oxygen masks on first.

Get to Know Samuel “Guy” Cecelski, LCSW

Samuel “Guy” Cecelski is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. He received his Master of Social Work degree at UNC-Chapel Hill. During this time, he focused on gaining education and experience to treat adolescents, adults, and families struggling at the intersection of mental health, substance use, and poverty.

Guy specializes in helping individuals work through substance use disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, social and relational issues, and trauma. He wants to work in partnership with his clients to help them be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. He believes that each person is their own expert and he can’t assume how to help them without learning from them first.

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