Keri Fitzsimmons, MD is a board-certified Primary Care Doctor and Pediatrician with Avance Care serving the healthcare needs of infants, children and adolescents in West Cary, North Carolina.

She is a UNC-grown physician, having graduated from both their medical school and Pediatric Residency Program. She has been practicing general pediatrics for the last 11 years. Her previous career was as a classroom teacher in Durham and the experience spilled over into her medical career, helping her learn to embrace the opportunity to take time for education, prevention, and a holistic approach to a child’s health.

With the context of an 18-year gymnastics career in her youth, Dr. Fitzsimmons learned the important lessons of emphasizing healthy habits such as nutrition, exercise, and structured peer activity. She works with her pediatric patients on incorporating these same habits into their everyday lives. Dr. Fitzsimmons also has a special interest in working with new families for the care of their newborns and addressing the dynamics of growing families and their complex medical and personal challenges.

Dr. Fitzsimmons has an ever-inspiring husband, Leo, and has been blessed with a beautiful daughter Kaylee, an athletic son Bryce, her little spark plug, Shane, and a dog named Fudge! Her appreciation for the joys and challenges of parenthood has grown tremendously over the past 11 years as parents, and her belief in family and faith as the foundation in a child’s life has never been stronger.

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