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July 29, 2022

Back to School Vaccination Tips with Dr. Fitzsimmons

by Keri Fitzsimmons, MD

Back to school means shopping for supplies and clothes, readjusting schedules, and completing health requirements. Read from Dr. Keri Fitzsimmons with Avance Care West Cary as she shares her expertise on medical requirements for children of different ages as they head back to school.



It’s time to visit your primary care office to prepare for the upcoming school year. Health Assessment forms, medication administration forms, and Sports Physical forms are just a few of the items your child may need to return to the classroom and athletic field! We are happy to complete these for you, and they can often be completed at your child’s annual well visit which is fully covered by insurance for most patients.

There are also age-specific vaccine requirements for most school children to make sure students stay up to date and protected.  Here are the most common school-required vaccine schedules by age:

  • 4-5 year olds are required to get boosters for DtaP, IPV, MMR and Varicella vaccines in order to enter Kindergarten.
  • 11 yo are eligible for TdaP, Meningococcal and HPV vaccines. The TdaP and Meningococcal vaccines are required before starting 7th grade.
  • 16 yo are eligible for the Meningoccal booster and a Meningitis B vaccine. The former is required for 12th grade in NC and most colleges require both.

And this year in particular, flu and COVID boosters will be incredibly important for protection. Flu shots should be available in September and can be paired with any of the above vaccines if needed.

Thank you for helping to keep our community healthy and protecting your child by ensuring vaccines are up to date. We are so grateful to be your partners in the health and safety of your family!  Good luck with the back to school transitions!



Annual wellness checks are important in protecting your child from illness and are a great way to ensure they are prepared and protected for the upcoming school year. Schedule an annual wellness check with one of our Avance Care providers to ensure all of their vaccinations and forms are up to date.

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