Physician Ownership

Build wealth as you build your practice

Learn about the physician ownership opportunities at Avance Care.

A company that empowers you as an owner

Avance Care’s mission is to build a thriving ecosystem of independent medical practices to improve patient experience, enhance clinical outcomes and lower healthcare costs. We support our practice owners by providing the infrastructure to allow them to successfully manage and operate their own medical practice while providing the highest level of patient care.

Our independently owned practices are financially healthy, have streamlined operations, reduced administrative burdens, and supplemental support though expanded primary care services, such as nutrition and behavioral health. In addition, our practices have a robust patient engagement platform so we can deliver comprehensive whole-person patient care and thrive in value-based care.

The advantages of size and scale

With over 35 practices in North Carolina and growing, being part of the Avance Care family increases providers economic opportunity through industry leading billing & collections rates, efficiencies in utilizing our proprietary systems, processes and centralized services, and increased patient engagement and retention through team-based care services and technology.

A model that is truly centered around the patient-PCP relationship

In short, the Avance Care model allows you to get back to your “WHY” you became a primary care physician. We handle the business of healthcare, so you can focus 100% of your attention on improving the health of your patients.

Avance Care works on your business, not in your business

Avance Care partners with provider owners to ensure your success while giving you the autonomy to hire the staff you want, when you want, and to grow your business at your pace. The Avance Care suite of services includes financial services, business planning, business operations, back-office administration, group purchasing and compliance. In summary, Avance Care independently owned practices are financially healthy – having accelerated their business through the COVID-19 period, have streamlined operations, reduced administrative burdens, and have patients supported by expanded primary care services such as chronic care management, nutrition therapy and behavioral wellness whom are highly engaged via a robust patient engagement platform.

In the Avance Care community, you are no longer in it alone

Being part of Avance Care means you are part of a community of like-minded providers who believe in the value and critical role of primary care medicine in healthcare transformation, are collectively and individually experiencing the regional and national changes in healthcare, and sharing these experiences within the Avance Care community of providers to rapidly learn from each other to more effectively navigate the everchanging landscape.

A True Partnership

Partnerships involve two or more people sharing responsibility for common objectives. The Avance Care and provider partnership involves shared responsibility and teamwork for improving the quality of life of providers, supporting clinicians via tools and processes as they care for patients, and elevating the value of primary care in our markets as part of an overarching objective to transform the overall quality and cost of care delivered.

Patients and providers are the core focus during this journey. Every service, every process, every new technology must improve support for clinicians that are caring for patients. Patient outcomes and satisfaction are paramount. Our providers give us feedback every day – they see us as their partner for solutions – and Avance Care takes our responsibility to answer this call very seriously. Providers turn to us to eliminate care delivery barriers while balancing their quality of life with productivity.

Avance Care and our provider partners aim to change the way care is delivered in North Carolina and to become a national force for impactful healthcare transformation.

Are you an existing practice owner?

With COVID-19, patient expectations have changed, the marketplace has changed, and so has the business of healthcare. It is not easy to keep up.

Avance Care is here to help. All healthcare changes are welcome if they improve safety, quality, and financial stability throughout the healthcare delivery system, thus improving the quality of life for patients and providers. As a healthcare practice owner, these questions may come to mind:

  • Is my practice financially stable enough to continue in this evolving healthcare world?
  • How am I going to keep up as healthcare technology advances?
  • How much longer can I continue working these hours before burnout occurs?
  • Why can’t I maintain a stable team and support system that lasts to enhance my success?

If you’ve wondered about any of these yourself, please contact us. Avance Care is an industry leader who can provide you unparalleled expertise with proven results while providing you a sustainable, growing practice model. See an example of our proven success.

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Edwin Houng, MD

Owner of Avance Care Knightdale and Northeast Raleigh

“This feels like a true partnership. Avance Care is equally devoted to helping my patients attain healthy lifestyles and outcomes. Together, we make a difference.”

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