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Learn about the physician employment opportunities at Avance Care.

Interested in joining an existing Avance Care practice?

We are seeking physicians who have a passion for taking patient care to the next level; with a commitment to deliver exceptional care with a strong emphasis on patient involvement in preventive care and treatment plans. There are many opportunities to join our growing team at an existing Avance Care practice.

Benefits of joining Avance Care

Advantageous compensation

Avance Care offers a competitive salary, performance bonus, and benefits package recognizing the value delivered by primary care clinicians.

Define your work-life balance

Do you believe work/life balance is possible? We do. Working with Avance Care allows you to define how to allocate your time to thrive in your personal life and your career.

Join an organization that prioritizes value over volume

Avance Care’s visit schedule allocates time for clinicians to deliver care without rushing through patient encounters, allowing you to focus on the relationship with your patients – not a race against the clock.

Reduce administrative headaches

Avance Care invests in technology to make your life easier and alleviate the burden of administrative tasks. We automate EMR tasks to reduce clicks, pre-populate clinical notes, offload revenue cycle tasks, provide personal medical assistant trained with your specific needs in mind and we’re constantly innovating to reduce administrative burden.

Treat the whole patient

Our team-based approach integrates chronic care management, behavioral wellness, clinical pharmacy, and nutrition services into the primary care home to provide comprehensive and coordinated patient care. Our PCMH-recognized practices have onsite labs, x-rays and allergy services.

Break from the system

Avance Care is independent of large hospital systems, challenging the way primary care is organized and delivered. We provide extended patient access via TeleHealth and extended hours and support clinicians with referral services to high-value specialists. This improves the quality of care and out of pocket costs for the patients we serve.

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