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October 6, 2020

Our Case for Emotions

DOWN with the thought of “negative” emotions! We are here today to represent to you, dear audience, that there ARE no such things as “negative” or “positive” emotions and that ALL emotions have a place on the full emotional spectrum of the human experience. ALL emotions are positive and have FANTASTIC reasons to be heralded and embraced! Let’s take anxiety for instance. We say… Anxiety has been given a very bad, unfair rap in our society for years! What did anxiety ever do to you?

Did you know that anxiety is the emotion that keeps us safe? Under typical circumstances, when our brain senses danger, it begins surging certain chemicals throughout our bodies that prepare us to escape by way of the 3-F’s; fight, flight, or freeze. Your heart starts pumping, your adrenaline gets flowing and your focus gets HYPERfocused! Sure…it is a bit uncomfortable…but consider the alternative!

How you behave in your emotions is absolutely, 100% critical to how you experience the emotion and how fast the discomfort experienced from the biological responses to the emotion are deescalated. With anxiety, for instance, remain calm and breathe. Sounds easier said then done aye? Well, that’s why we’re here to help! There are well, research supported exercises that, when integrated into your repertoire of daily and responsive behaviors, can help you in choosing how you respond to your emotions and, subsequently, how quickly you deescalate from the associated discomfort.

So, we represent to you dear audience…that anxiety, just like any other emotion….is just an emotion and part of being human. It is what you do in the emotion that is critical to you being able to cope effectively…when you are feeling…like a human…with a full spectrum of feelings. Just R-E-L-A-X!!!

Dr. Sharon Kirlik, PhD, LCSW graduated with her Masters in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Georgia. Later, with the adoption of her African American son and then, her Haitian American daughter, she realized an even deeper passion for working with children and families who were societally marginalized and oppressed. Her interests have compelled her to travel throughout the countries of Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and India allowing her to become immersed in the respective cultures. While completing her PhD with distinction, Dr. Kirlik was publicly recognized in Chicago for her programs created to improve the quality of life for foster care children. Her programs later took her to several countries throughout the continent of Africa, and have won acclaim and recognition among many South African organizations and other government leaders.

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