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January 27, 2020

Making Mealtime Easy!

Preparing meals can be difficult. One of the main challenges people face when trying to eat healthier is not having the time to plan, grocery shop, and cook meals. It seems that the busier we get, the more difficult it is to eat a balanced diet; however, many businesses are providing solutions to this issue through services such as grocery pickup, grocery delivery, meal delivery, and meal kits. Listed below are some ideas to help alleviate the stress that can come with preparing healthy meals.

Grocery Pickup Services

The following are a few examples of grocery stores that provide pickup services. A grocery pickup service allows you to go online or on an app and select the items you want. An employee will gather and bag your groceries for you! All you have to do is drive up to their delivery area and someone will deliver your groceries and you can pay right from your car. It takes the effort out of grocery shopping and saves you time! Listed below are several grocery stores with the estimated cost for this service:

Walmart – Free! Grocery pickup is provided at no additional cost as long as the order total is $30 or more.

Harris Teeter – your first order is free; each subsequent order is $4.95. They also provide a monthly subscription for $16.95 or yearly subscription for $99.95.

Lowes Foods – each order is $4.95. They also provide a monthly subscription for $16.95 or yearly for $99.00.

Grocery Delivery Services

In addition to pick up services, several services will deliver groceries directly to your door! This option can save you even more time because you do not have to leave your house. All you have to do is go online or on an app and select your groceries, then the items are delivered directly to your door. While this option is convenient, it may come at a higher cost. Listed below are examples of grocery delivery services.

Instacart – This is an app where you can select from various grocery stores in your area from which to shop and an Instacart shopper will go to the store, purchase the items for you, and deliver them to your doorstep! The cost is $7.99 for one-hour delivery, $5.99 for two-hour delivery or $149 yearly membership gives you free two-hour delivery for orders over $35. Additional cost includes tip for the shoppers.

Whole Foods – free 2-hour delivery for all Amazon Prime members! Similar to Instacart, the food is delivered directly to your door from one of their approved shoppers!

Meal Delivery Services

If meal preparation is not your thing, there are also food delivery services that will bring meals directly to your doorstep from restaurants. The services listed below are easy to use; all you have to do is go online or open up an app, select a restaurant, and choose your meal(s)! Then someone will drive to the restaurant, order your food, and deliver it to your doorstep. Cost will vary based on your location and selections, but usually the cost is around $4.00 – $8.00 in addition to the cost of food. Another additional cost is tipping the driver. Here are some options for meal delivery services: Grubhub, Postmates, and DoorDash. While this option is convenient, it is important to make mindful choices when selecting meals. Listed below are some ideas for restaurants that have healthy options. Keep in mind to check the nutrition facts and look for meals that have lots of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Make sure to avoid foods high in sodium, saturated fat, and calories.

Chick fil A
Noodles and Company
Zoe’s Kitchen

Meal Kit Services

If you love the joy preparing your own meals, but want to skip the planning and grocery shopping, meal kit services are a great option! These services deliver kits to your doorstep including recipes and all the ingredients you need to take the guess work out of meal preparation. You can choose the type of meals, the amount of servings to include, and how often you would like to receive the kits. This is a great option for someone who enjoys cooking, but it may not be budget-friendly for everyone. Prices vary depending on shipping cost, amount of servings, and meals selected. Here are some meal kit service examples: Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef, and Sun Basket.

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