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April 3, 2023

How to Change Your Mindset to Experience Great Success

by Eric Kelly, MSW, LCSW

Life can be challenging, hard, and sometimes oppressive. We feel heavy, burdened, overwhelmed, stuck, hopeless, and sometimes want to give up because of momentary, insurmountable obstacles before us.

You might ask, “how do I feel hopeful when I feel life is unfair to me and keeps knocking me back down over and over again?” Or “why can’t I just feel the way I used to when life was easy, and things were normal for me?”  Would you be surprised to learn that no matter how big the challenge or obstacle being faced you can still experience the very life you want and connect to the things that make you feel alive?

The answer is simple.

Choose the preferred you and consistently describe it, think it, tell it, share it, breathe it, and take steps, even the smallest incremental ones, to bring this version of you back into existence despite the struggles, challenges, negativity, and/or those doubters who pull you back or try to convince you that you cannot achieve what you want.

When we do a better job at dulling the noise, distractions, and interference within our lives and actively work to increase true and genuine self-belief, this winds up being the ultimate game changer for us! There are no more limits or obstacles getting in our way to attain what we truly desire in our lives. Our dream, goal, or aspiration is no longer too big to take on. We are all transformable, capable, and deserving of living our best lives.

What was different about you at that time in your life when you made the team, got that promotion, or reached your health goal? Who else noticed you were succeeding and accomplishing the things that pleased you and how did you notice you were positively impacting your family and friends? If you were able to re-connect to that past version of yourself and even caught glimpses of this in the present, would you welcome it back into your life? It is truly invigorating when we get to re-embrace those skills, strengths, and natural talents that help us move through life despite the challenges and stressors we all face as human beings. When we allow ourselves to lean into our unique resources, we can consistently push through the stronghold of negativity and genuinely live life the way we choose to.

Surrounding yourself with those who support you and who align with your absolute best self can also impact your success. Those who cheer you on and encourage you are good for you so please listen to them! Notice what they notice and do not be afraid to ask what they see as evidence of your persistent personal growth. Lastly, increasingly attend to those signs that are clearly indicative of those in your closest circle transforming before your eyes because of your positive impact on their lives as well!

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