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May 24, 2022

Family Health and Fitness Day

Family Health & Fitness Day is June 11, 2022, and Avance Care is here to help you think of ways your family can get active together this year! Gathering together as a family for activity is a great way to encourage healthy habits in all family members. Plus, doing activities with those you love makes it enjoyable every time! Physical activity reduces the risk of chronic disease, lowers blood pressure, and improves mood. Doing even just 30 minutes of physical activity a few times a week will have invaluable effects on your health in the long run. Choosing small healthy habits now will pay off in the long run.

Gather for Family Health & Fitness Day at some of these locations around Raleigh or Charlotte, and start creating healthy habits for the whole family this summer!



There is sure to be a trail or greenway near you where you can go on a quick walk or bike ride together! Find a trail or greenway closest to you by visiting the Raleigh Parks and Recreation website or viewing this map.

Some of our recommendations are:

  1. Crabtree Creek
  2. Neuse River Trail
  3. Walnut Creek


A large variety of parks in Raleigh means you can find one specifically for your interests – playgrounds for kids, historical sites, lakes, or nature trails.

Some of our recommendations are:

  1. Pullen Park
  2. William B. Umstead State Park
  3. Lake Johnson Park
  4. Historic Yates Mill County Park
  5. Eno River State Park


There are a variety of activities to try and even start participating in regularly! Click the links below to learn more about these activities and their programs available in Raleigh.

  1. Tennis
  2. Pickleball
  3. Aquatics
  4. Other Athletic Programs

If you don’t have time to gather the family and get out the door, don’t worry! Something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood achieves the exact same purpose, and can be easier to fit into a busy schedule. Whatever works best for your family is what will turn into sustainable habits!


Trails & Parks

Mecklenburg County has a wide connection of trails and greenways, too! Check out this map to view parks and greenway locations across the county, or visit this interactive Park Explorer to find the best spots for you!

Our trail recommendations are:

  1. Mallard Creek & Clarks Creek Greenways
  2. Campbell Creek Greenway
  3. Upper McAlpine Creek Greenway

Our park recommendations are:

  1. Romare Bearden Park
  2. Freedom Park
  3. Frazier Park


In addition to parks and trails, Mecklenburg County offers a wide variety of athletic programs and recreational activities for both adults and youth to participate in!

  1. Adult and Youth Athletics
  2. Aquatics
  3. Outdoor lifestyle such as hiking, fishing, and more

Not only for Family Health & Fitness Day, but as a healthy habit for a lifetime, we encourage you to get moving with your family – your long term health will thank you!

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