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April 25, 2013

Avance Care Measures Quality of Practice and Patient Satisfaction

Avance Care released results of their 2012 Patient Satisfaction and Quality Measure Reports.

MORRISVILLE, NC – Dr. Pratik Desai, MD FACC, President of Avance Care, P.A. announced the results of their 2012 patient satisfaction and quality measure report in an effort to recognize and implement patient needs and information to encourage informed healthcare decisions.

Avance Care served 15,284 patients throughout 2012. The 1400 patients who gave feedback in a Patient Satisfaction Survey rated Avance Care 4.96 out of 5 on Access to Care (ease in getting an appointment), 4.90 out of 5 on amount of time spent with the patients, and 4.93 out of 5 on listening to patients.  The Patient Satisfaction results revealed that 98% of Avance Care patients would recommend the practice to friends and family.

The 2012 Quality Measure across the practice reported close to 87% of patients saw their personal primary care provider at least once, 85% of all physician orders are electronic, and 92% of patients have access to an electronic summary of their visit within 72 hours. Also, 89% of patients have their cholesterol under control and 77% of all prescription service is electronic.

The Health Insurance Plan Report on Avance Care revealed that their patients have 36% fewer hospital admissions, 21% ER visits, and use 55% fewer brand name prescription medicines.

“At Avance Care, we believe in transparency,” said Dr. Desai. “We’re the first practice in Raleigh to release some of our quality and cost reports to the public, so that our patients can make better informed healthcare decisions. With a goal for the highest level of patient satisfaction and quality of service, we are very proud of these reportings!”

For more information about Avance Care Quality Reports, visit or call (919) 655-1000.

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