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July 17, 2023

ADHDoing Health Better: Support for Those with ADHD

by Amanda Burrafato, LMFT, LCAS

ADHD is so much more than a focus issue. It’s a pervasive genetic mental health condition that impacts executive functioning (judging time, inhibition, and resistance to distraction) (self-restraint), self-awareness (self-directed attention), working memory, planning and problem-solving, and self-motivation as well as emotional self-control (Regulation Deficit Disorder (SRDD)).

What most people don’t realize is the impact all of those combined factors can also have on your physical health.

The Effects of ADHD on Your Physical Health

  • Increased risk of impulsivity resulting in physical health consequences (i.e.: Increased likelihood of STDS, Unplanned pregnancies, Car accidents, alcohol and substance use, and suicide attempts)
  • Struggles with Memory and motivation get in the way of following through on treatment (i.e. increased risk of cardiovascular disease, longer healing times, increased infection risk, increased risk of medication withdrawal, increase risk for disordered eating)
  • Other complications linked to higher chance of other mental health disorders, increased likelihood of insomnia along with sex drive issues.

At Avance Care, we are committed to holistic care for this population. We offer 3 tiers of ADHD assessment, ADHD targeting sessions with licensed therapists, and even a supportive therapeutic group that provides strategies, community and techniques to thrive with this disorder. Let’s start enhancing your care today!

10 Memory Tips for Those with ADHD

  1. Take advantage of having appointments made while in the office or schedule a virtual session with your provider. (ADHD is a working memory disorder, even if that appointment time may have a conflict, at least you’ll get a hundred messages supporting you in rescheduling).
  2. Don’t open messages from Avance Care unless you are ready to respond to them or complete an action on them. Unread notifications can act as a prompt for your brain when you’re ready.
  3. If you were given a treatment plan, set it as the background of your phone to support follow through on it.
  4. Place medications in a place you can’t visually avoid.
  5. If you struggle keeping track of if you’ve taken your medication today, buy a month-long pill box, so the box remembers for you.
  6. Put a sticky on your front door, so you literally “can’t leave home without it,” like a tiny memo.
  7. Set an alarm in your phone, right now, literally. If you’ve related to this article at all, set an alarm in your phone right now to either take your medication, make an appointment, or order your medication refill or new pill box. GO.
  8. Don’t cancel alarms until the action is completed (out of sight out of mind).
  9. Set medication up for delivery instead of pick up.
  10. Drop into our ADHD group! Offered 6:00 – 8:00 PM in person on Mondays, or virtually on Tuesdays, quarterly for 10 weeks at a time, there is likely a group running currently or a group starting soon.  Email [email protected] for our current schedule, or visit here to learn more.

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