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Avance Care is an innovative primary care provider that has been offering convenient, cost effective health care services since 2008. Avance Care operates a system of primary care practices across North Carolina and utilizes a proprietary operating platform comprised of sophisticated information technology systems and highly developed workflow processes and procedures. Our unique operating system has enabled us to generate industry-leading patient satisfaction rating, quality of care, and efficiency.

Avance Care Beginnings

We believe, in this ever-changing world of health care reform, an organization that is efficient, generates better outcomes, and provides exceptional patient experience, will always be successful. High-quality primary care should be convenient, affordable, and efficient.

Our inception in 2008 was founded on the notion that urgent care-type convenience, hospitality industry-type customer focus, and efficiency based on the focused use of technology could be defining characteristics of a primary medical care setting.  The objective has always been to keep patients healthy and reduce overall health care cost. With a tremendous effort since inception, we have developed systems to implement a replicable model of comprehensive primary care – Avance Care.

Avance Care Purpose

Shape the future of healthcare to improve the lives of our patients, team members, and associates.

Avance Care Vision

To make primary care our patients’ default choice for any healthcare need.

To make virtual care the default care delivery modality.

Avance Care Mission 

Build a comprehensive primary care-centric healthcare system that simplifies healthcare, generates better outcomes, and reduces cost.

We Believe

That a model healthcare delivery system is primary care-centered

That primary care should be convenient and accessible

In keeping the patient-provider interaction as pure and as uncomplicated as possible

In providing best experience to patients, providers, and team members

In providing integrated nutrition, behavioral, and other complementary services under one roof

That a patient should not be burdened with navigating the complexities of the U.S healthcare system

In shifting the responsibility from PCP to PCS (primary care system) for patients’ health and well-being


  • PCMH level III: 2008, 2011, and 2014 standards
  • First healthcare organization to achieve PCMH 2017 transformation recognition
  • AADE accredited diabetes education program
  • NCQA diabetes recognition
  • Achieved BQPP level III
  • UnitedHealthcare’s premium designation
  • Cigna’s care designation for both quality and cost
  • ACO shared savings recipient

Meaningful Relationships
with Our Patients

  • Offer comprehensive primary care with the convenience of urgent care
  • Promote continuity of care between the patient and their physician to encourage treatment plan compliance
  • Offer in-house specialty services such as nutrition, behavioral wellness, and medication therapy management to assist patients with their long-term health goals
  • Assist patients with chronic conditions through our Care Management program, providing ongoing support, coordination of care between specialists, and more
  • Provide ongoing support and outreach through patient portal

Access to Care When
Our Patients Need Us

  • Open 7 days a week, weekends, and evenings
  • Same-day appointments available every day
  • Most appointments scheduled within 24 hours of the request

Online Capabilities Including Smartphone Apps

  • Real-time appointments
  • Access to lab and x-ray reports
  • Prescription refill request
  • Referral request
  • Preventive care alerts
  • Electronic PHR (Personal Health Record)
  • Email and LiveChat communication with administrative staff
  • Secured email communication with your doctor and our medical staff

Physician & APP Satisfaction

Avance Care streamlines the relationship between patient and provider.

  • True work-life balance – work 40 hours or less per week
  • Average patient load of 2 patients per hour
  • Well-screened, qualified support staff
  • Onsite labs, behavioral health, nutrition, & clinical pharmacist services
  • Efficient EHR continuously improved for ease of operation and communication, patient engagement, and streamlined workflow
  • Employment & ownership options available

Physician & APP Support

  • Paperless, highly-efficient operation
  • Robust care management processes
  • Normal mode of operation designed around NCQA PCMH requirements
  • Training – initial and ongoing support – EHR, workflow, documentation, and coding
  • Open communication and access to key decision makers without the weight of heavy bureaucratic process

Our Stability

  • We have built a unique organization which has experienced tremendous growth accompanied by decisively-sound business results. Going forward, Avance Care wants to continue its balancing of accomplishment – healthy patients and a healthy business.
  • An important objective for Avance Care is maintaining long-term operating stability – our practice’s future is dependent on patient satisfaction and proper fiscal management. We believe a healthy business will allow Avance Care to be part of our patients’ lives and the community for years to come.
  • A significant part of our stability is a result of maintaining superior proprietary operating systems, which secures quality while also offering the best in terms of technology and access. We continuously seek improvement to our operations and will not settle for just “status quo”.
  • We cultivate an environment of satisfied healthcare professionals who enjoy being part of our unique practice. Being part of our family ensures that your healthcare professional is there when you need them.

Our Future is Growth


  • Avance Care has averaged 40%+ growth since its inception – this has been challenging to accomplish but we feel it has been worth the sacrifice and effort. We will continue to innovate and to expand our practice model to be regarded as a pioneer within the healthcare industry.
  • Our vision is to expand in the Triangle, and eventually to mirror that growth in several other metro areas in NC and other states. Our team believes that you just cannot stop a good thing from reaching its full potential. Avance Care’s goal is to become a national leader in primary care.

Differentiators in Practice


  1. Enhanced Patient Experience – purposefully enhanced the patient experience through a better physical experience: our offices are welcoming and efficient, have reduced wait times, better billing, and greater communication between patients and providers – increased time with providers – each patient receiving a more holistic consultation.
  2. Reduced Costs – deployment of technology to lower costs for each stakeholder – patients, payers, and the company.
  3. Greater Efficiency – improved patient experience and quality of care through utilization of proprietary technology – state-of-the-art, paperless medical facility.
  4. Insurance – We accept all major insurance providers.
  5. Clear Pricing Model – Self-pay patients find that nothing is ever hidden regarding our fees.  You know what to expect up-front.
  6. Advanced Appointment Scheduling – Same day or within 24 hours.
  7. Wait Times – Streamlined operation that minimizes average wait times to less than 15 minutes.  Our providers see an average 2.5 patients/hour, allowing them time to provide comprehensive primary care.
  8. Medical Care for All Ages – Our providers are family physicians, family nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.
  9. Work-Life Balance – Our providers don’t work more than 40 hours a week.
  10. Comprehensive Services Under One Roof – Nutrition, Behavioral Wellness and Counseling, Care Management, Pharmacy, Allergy services, and much more.
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