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March 31, 2014

Suffering from Allergies? Offering NEW Services – Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Ask your doctor about allergy testing, allergy shots or drops and immunotherapy.

It’s Time to End Your Suffering

Why suffer needlessly with allergies? Help is waiting for you; real help that can reduce or end allergy symptoms permanently. Talk with your doctor today about what allergy testing and Immunotherapy can do for you—and put you and your family on a path to relief!

Immediate Help is Available

You do not have to simply live with your allergies, and there is help beyond medication or avoiding allergens to the point where it negatively impacts your life. There are two powerful steps to taking control of your allergies and limiting your symptoms: Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy. Both are available right here in your doctor’s office.

Allergy Testing

Allergy skin testing is a simple, painless way to learn if you are suffering from allergies. About 8 out of 10 people who have allergic rhinitis (nasal itching, stuffiness, or congestion) go undiagnosed and untreated. An allergy test can identify the cause(s) of your allergies and put you on a path to treatment and relief.

An allergy skin test can be performed quickly in the comfort of your doctor’s office. This test does not hurt and does not use a needle. It involves placing a small drop of several different allergens on or just under

the surface of your skin, and measuring your body’s responses. It really is that simple.


Immunotherapy is the best way to manage your allergies with the least amount of medication. You can break free of antihistamines or steroid treatments and gain a long-term solution to minimize your allergy symptoms.

During Immunotherapy, your doctor will inject small amounts of the substances that are causing your allergies under your skin, or it can be placed directly under your tongue. This helps your body to adjust

to the allergen causing you trouble. The result is less allergy symptoms when you encounter the allergen in your daily life.

At first, you receive the treatment once a week as you work your way to what’s known as a maintenance dose. Once you reach the maintenance dose, your treatment will eventually move to once a month. After 1–3 years of therapy, you will have greatly reduced or eliminated your allergy symptoms and the need to take expensive medications to control them. It’s that simple.

Why Immunotherapy?

• According to Consumer Reports, only 1 in 4 allergy sufferers are highly satisfied with prescription medications, with the satisfaction rate for over-the- counter medication even lower.
• Research shows that Immunotherapy + medication delivers a significant reduction in symptoms versus medication alone.
• A recent study showed that parents of children with allergic rhinitis saved over $5,000.00 in treatment costs over 18 months when opting for Immunotherapy versus non-Immunotherapy treatments.

Immunotherapy = Real Savings

A recent study demonstrated the following cost reductions from receiving Immunotherapy versus other treatment options without Immunotherapy:

• Year 1: Symptoms improve
• Year 2: Cost savings of 15%
• Year 3: Cost savings of 48%

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