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Substance Use Disorder Therapy Group

Group starting April 2, 2024

Avance Care Substance Use Disorder Treatment Group

Coming April, 2024, Avance Care will be offering a treatment group for individuals with substance use disorders!

Who is this group for? This group is designed for anyone who has a diagnosed substance use disorder or has self-identified concerns with their substance use. We only ask that people have the desire to reduce or stop their current use of alcohol, tobacco, or other substances.

What can participants expect? This will be a process-oriented group, where individuals can come to discuss struggles, gain insight to stuck points, and give and receive encouragement and experience from others in the same position. Group therapy is known to be beneficial and lead to greater successes in changing drug and alcohol using behaviors than individual therapy alone.

How is group different? This group is different than a self-help group or peer recovery groups like AA. While those have their benefits, this group will be smaller and more intimate, be facilitated by trained psychotherapists and clinical specialists, and allow cross talk and direct interaction between members. Groups often help their members develop healthy relationships and promote structure that has been missing in life.

The group will be a time-limited, semi-closed group. This means participants will be asked to commit to 12-14 weeks, with some flexibility depending on the needs of the individual and the progress made. New members will be allowed in as people graduate from the group, and the culture of mutual support, respect, and commitment can be passed down from experienced group members to new people looking to change their lives.

The group will meet on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm in the Avance Care Center for Excellence in Psychiatry and Behavioral Health. The address is 7850 Brier Creek Pkwy, Suite 102 Raleigh, NC 27617.

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