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Substance Use Disorder Therapy Group

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The Avance Care Behavioral Health Substance Use Disorder Therapy Group was designed to provide the highest caliber, research-based support and psychoeducation to people who desire to make behavioral changes with regards to their relationship with substance/s.

Our Philosophy

“Everyone should have access to the most up to date substance use education and support available.”

Program Outline

This group will be led by a professional therapist, dually licensed in substance use disorders and mental health. There will be an initial screening process to ensure participants do not require a higher level of care than what this group can provide.

Session 1

Check-In; Orientation; Introductions; Vision Boards

Session 2

Check-In; Experiencing Emotions & Choosing Behaviors; Intro to Mindfulness; Supportive Interactions; Journaling: Who am I right now?

Session 3

Check-In; Assertiveness & Boundaries; Supportive Interactions; Relapse Prevention: Safety & Resources

Session 4

Check-In; Therapeutic Forgiveness; Supportive Interactions; Create a Forgiveness List

Session 5

Check-In; Self-Care & the “Shoulds”; Supportive Interactions; What does it mean to be “human”? (Mask Activity)

Session 6

Extended Check-In; Supportive Interactions; Mid-Point Assessments

Session 7

Check-In; Financial Health & Career Choices; Supportive Interactions; Career Resources Take Away

Session 8

Check-In; Nutritional Health; Supportive Interactions; Relapse Prevention: Creating a 9-1-1 card

Session 9

Check-In; Identifying What You Can & Cannot Control-Radical Acceptance; Supportive Interactions; I am Proud: Thumb ball Game

Session 10

Check-In; Show Your Final Vision Board; Supportive Interactions

Session 11

Check-In; Show Your Mask; Supportive Interactions: Journaling: Who was I and who am I now?

Session 12

Check-In; Assessments; Supportive Interactions

For more information about this group, please email [email protected].



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