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April 6, 2020

Staying Active with Kids

Written by Avance Care registered dietitian Chris Thompson, MS, RDN, LDN

Schools closed, working remote, and staying home as much as possible. Keeping ourselves and those of us with a young family active and entertained has become even more challenging during these novel times. In need of a few fresh ideas? We’ve got you covered.

Check out a few tips from our registered dietitians for keeping the family moving and active (mentally and physically):

Virtual Exercise

For family mindfulness, relaxation, and exercise try yoga for the family

Indoor Ideas

  • Balloon tennis
    • Blow up a balloon and bounce it back and forth with wooden spoons
  • Build a tape maze w/ masking tape or duct tape
  • Hide n’ Seek
  • Simon Says
  • Pictionary
  • Board games to exercise our mental muscles
  • Virtual playdates over Zoom or Skype
    • Get the Paw Patrol together for a reunion
    • Have an impromptu art class with a few best friends

Get Outside

  • Play catch or practice dribbling for the upcoming soccer season
  • Practice your favorite instrument and put on a neighborhood concert
  • Have a “walk about”!
    • Take the family for a walk or bike ride around neighborhood
    • Visit a nature trail

Cooking is Active

  • String cereal together to practice adding and subtracting
  • Make a cake and play with food coloring in the batter and frosting
  • Take it outside
    • Play a boardgame outside for a change of pace
    • Eat a picnic for lunch and play with bubbles

Family Chores/House Cleaning

  • Keeping our environment neat and tidy can help limit anxiety during these trying times and is a way to keep everyone moving while earning an allowance

For more help with ways to stay active, feed the family, and stay healthy during this time, call to schedule a virtual appointment with an Avance Care registered dietitian by calling (919) 237-1337 option 4.


Chris is a Registered Dietitian at Avance Care’s Apex and Holly Springs locations. He loves experimenting in the kitchen, staying active, playing and watching sports, spending quality time with his two dogs, and reading Muhammad Ali quotes.

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