Extended Hours Appointments

In today’s healthcare field, patients often times feel frustrated that they are not receiving proper communication from the providers.

At Avance Care, our Care Coordination team works in collaboration with your Avance Care Primary Care Provider (PCP) to make sure you obtain the best possible outcome from your office visit.

What This Means to You as a Patient:

  • We take complete ownership of the referral process when you are referred to a specialist or a facility
  • Pre-visit planning to ensure appropriate lab tests are done prior to and during each visit to make it efficient and productive
  • Timely reminders to patients on routine follow-up visits and annual physicals
  • Ensuring patients’ preventive care and chronic condition care needs are met using evidence-based guidelines
  • Timely response to patients’ and specialists’ requests
  • Post-hospital discharge support
  • Timely transfer of medical records to and from Avance Care

Referral Management

We know coordinating care between primary care, specialists, diagnostic facilities, and other healthcare providers can be a complicated task. In the United States, more than a third of patients are referred to a specialist each year. The referral process is often inefficient and poorly coordinated – a source of frustration for patients.

At Avance Care, we take complete ownership of the referral process. We believe that finding an appropriate and reliable specialist should not be a patient’s concern. As an Avance Care patient, you can rest assured that when you are referred to a specialist you will be seen by a knowledgeable and experienced provider. Our Referral Coordination Department works closely between yourself, your Primary Care Provider (PCP), and a number of specialists we call “High-Value Specialists.”

What is a High-Value Specialist? 

A High-Value Specialist is well-accomplished in their field, schedules appointments in a timely manner, and will stay in close communication with your PCP. These High-Value Specialists are not selected based on a financial agreement—only their ability to provide seamless, collaborative, high quality and cost-effective care.

Avance Care has developed unique relationships and processes over our years of experience in the Triangle. We employ the most up-to-date and advanced referral management and tracking tools so that you don’t get lost in the healthcare system. We apply these advantages to make certain you are fully satisfied with your health care experience, with providers both inside and outside of our clinics.

How Does this Benefit Me?

  • Unless you have a preference, we match you with and refer you to the most appropriate High-Value Specialist
  • You will be kept informed regarding the status of your referral
  • You will be scheduled for a specialist appointment in an appropriate amount of time
  • You will be seen by a provider who is in-network with your insurance
  • Your Primary Care Provider will receive the office notes from your specialist visit

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the best and most highly coordinated care possible. Our Referral Coordinators are available to answer any questions you may have and to help ensure you get scheduled for the appointments you need to improve your health and quality of life.

Post Discharge Support

Although Avance Care takes preventative measures to try to eliminate unnecessary Urgent Care, Emergency Room, or hospital visits, there are times where this cannot be avoided. We support you during the critical transitional care period after a hospital discharge to ensure a quick recovery and a reduced possibility of readmission.

If Avance Care is identified as your Primary Care Provider when you are admitted to UNC, Rex, WakeMed, or Duke Emergency Department, we will receive automatic notifications regarding your care. Included in these notifications are the reason for your visit, tests that were performed, findings that were assessed, as well as the attending physician’s recommended plan of care. Please take one of our cards the next time you are in the clinic and keep it in your wallet just in case of emergency so that we can coordinate your hospital care.

As an Avance Care patient, you receive in-home visits from our clinical Pharmacists or certified pharmacy technicians for effective and convenient post-hospital discharge care with a focus on medication management. Our team of clinical Pharmacists provide coordinated medication management, medication education and in-home transitional care visits that help improve medication compliance, reduce hospital re-admissions, and empower you to take control of your health.

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