Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing for existing Avance Care patients

Neuropsychological testing measures how well a person’s brain is functioning by assessing multiple cognitive functions including attention, concentration, information processing, reasoning, memory, learning, problem-solving, and reading, language-related skills.

To assess patient functioning, the National Institute of Health (NIH) Toolbox, a validated set of brief neuropsychological screening tests, is administered to patients in clinic.  The results are then interpreted by an experienced neuropsychologist and a concise, clinically-focused report is prepared.

Neuropsychology testing can help with:

  • Diagnosis:
    Test results are used to determine if intellectual, affective, social, or work-related problems are due to cognitive difficulties such as ADHD or memory decline, or by affective problems such as depression or anxiety. Providers use the testing results, along with existing clinical information, to arrive at a diagnosis that will help to guide care.
  • Treatment planning and lifestyle adjustments:
    Test results help providers determine what medications or behavioral therapies are appropriate.  They enhance the usual information from physical exams and interviews by focusing specifically on cognitive and affective function using well-validated measures and comparisons to national norms. The evaluation can also provide the basis for making decisions about educational adjustments, school exam settings, and work assignments or scheduling.
  • Assessment of cognitive strengths and limitations:
    Many illnesses and injuries can affect cognition, and changes in cognition can be frightening and confusing.  Neuropsychological testing can provide a clear assessment of such changes. Testing helps patients and primary care providers to understand results in relation to the overall cognitive and emotional functioning of the individual and in comparison to national norms.

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