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May 20, 2020

Poison Ivy

By Joanne Fruth, MD


It seems like everyone at some point has had a brush with poison ivy. That pesky plant can put a damper on anyone’s afternoon, but how exactly does it cause that all-too-familiar irritation? Can we pass it on? How do we soothe it and know better for next time? Take a look at the video below and I’ll answer some of those questions.


Dr. Fruth is a family physician with a mission to promote the benefits of primary care and especially Family Medicine (#FMrevolution).  As Chief Medical Officer at Avance Care, Dr. Fruth uses her years of experience and passion for teaching to inspire other clinicians to make each primary care visit one which builds the foundation good health

Dr. Fruth loves hiking, trips to Broadway and seeking adventure (or a quiet evening) with her emergency physician husband. She has three adult children on their own missions to make the world a better place.

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