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November 10, 2021

Partnering with Alo to Improve Care

Partnering with Alo to improve care

To take our mission of supporting independent physicians and enhancing the patient experience to the next level, Avance Care is joining forces with Alo, a newly formed organization committed to supporting and sustaining independent medical practices. Our patients will not notice any immediate changes. Patients will continue to see the same doctors and clinicians at the same office locations. Over time, patients can expect to see quality improvements, enhanced personalized care, can continued investment in patient experience.



Frequently Asked Questions about Alo & Avance Care partnership  

Will my care be impacted by this partnership?

No, you can still expect the same level of care and compassion you have come to expect as an Avance Care patient. We are always looking for ways to enhance patient experience and bring you enhanced services while seeking to keep care affordable — this remains our mission.


Will I still be able to see my preferred provider?

Yes, you will still have the same level of access and services provided by your Avance Care physician. You can still see the same doctor or advanced practice provider at the same location. In the future, we hope to add additional primary and specialty care services to our network to serve our communities even further.


Will you still except my insurance?

Yes, Avance Care will still participate in all of our current insurance networks. We remain open and accessible to our current network of payers.


How does this partnership benefit me as a patient?

Over time, patients can expect to see quality improvements, more personalized care, and an even better patient experience.


As a patient, will we still have the same access to your high-value specialty care referral network where I can see the best provider regardless of system affiliation?

Yes, our providers will still utilize the same high-value specialty care referral model, seeking the best specialty care provider to help you with your health care needs regardless of system affiliation. This partnership will help Avance Care to expand into new communities and continue to grow this network of outstanding care providers, benefiting our patients.


Who can patients contact if they have questions about this partnership?

Your health and wellness are our top priority, and if you have questions regarding the partnership, please reach our patient relations team at 919-747-3036 and [email protected].

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