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January 9, 2014

Less time in the waiting rooam—more time with the doctor.

You know the drill. You wake up with a sore throat, nose running and head thumping. You need a doctor. But once you get there, you wait. You fill out paperwork, and then wait some more. Finally, you get called back to the exam room, only to wait again in a different area. When a doctor finally does pop in, he’s out in less than five minutes.

But you’ve got places you need to be, too. Why can’t you be in and out? At Avance Care, we know you’re busy with work, school and life. You shouldn’t have to wait, and with today’s technology, you shouldn’t have to.

Avance Care offers Primary Care for Busy Lifestyles. We have a unique patient care model that shortens your wait time, not to mention the other tedious parts of visiting the doctor. Avance Care offers same-day appointments, paperless registration, extended hours and discounted self-pay options, all the conveniences of Urgent Care without the higher copay and other added costs!

Check out our new website,, which offers quick links for Live Chat with a receptionist, next available appointment availability, not to mention free online services to manage your care. Every day we keep number of appointment slots open for sick visits, and they fill up fast. We guarantee appointment for sick visit within 24-hour at any one of our locations.

But Avance Care is not an Urgent Care center; our primary doctors follow patients and keep track of ongoing issues. We are a medical home, your primary care doctor – pediatrics, teens, adults and for acute, chronic conditions, and for preventive care services. There’s a real need for healthcare that’s efficient, effective, and patient-centered. That’s what Avance Care is trying to do.

We had more than 15,000 patient visits in 2012 and 17,000 in 2013; here’s a sampling of how our patients are doing:

  • 89 percent of our patients’ cholesterol is under control.
  • 24% fewer hospital admissions than patients of other practices in our peer group.
  • 92 percent had access to an electronic summary of their visit within 72 hours.
  • 98 percent would recommend Avance Care to their family and friends.
  • 86% of patients enjoy the convenience and accuracy of completely electronic prescription service.
  • 42% fewer prescription drugs are used by Avance Care Patients as opposed to patients of other practices in our peer group.


When you let technology take care of the easy things, there’s more time to focus on the most important thing: getting you better. And that’s what healthcare is all about. Or it should be.

Come see us. Avance Care has two locations in North Raleigh and Cary, with an office opening in Northeast Raleigh in January 2014. Visit our website at for a list of frequently asked questions or to book an appointment. We’re accepting new patients, and we’d love to see you.

Don't delay the care you need.

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