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September 2, 2022

Interview: Chronic Pain Treatment with Dr. Steven Prakken

by Steven Prakken, MD

Almost 50 million Americans suffer from a condition that can impact many aspects of their life and greatly decrease quality of life. The condition is chronic pain.

At Avance Care, we offer patients solutions that provide relief from chronic pain. The Avance Medical Pain Service, part of Avance Psychiatry, is dedicated to providing our patients with effective treatment for chronic pain. We welcome patients who have complex, difficult-to-treat pain conditions who feel they have hit a dead-end in treatment elsewhere.

The Avance Medical Pain Service is led by Dr. Steven Prakken, who is board certified in both psychiatry and pain management. His broad expertise enables him to take a comprehensive approach to chronic pain treatment that combines the latest advances in pain science with a compassionate, patient-centered focus.

In this interview. Dr. Prakken explains what chronic pain is defined as, treatment options for chronic pain, and the unique method of care that Avance Psychiatry and Pain Management in Chapel Hill takes with their patients. Read more at

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