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June 8, 2016

Your Healthcare Simplified.

Seeing your doctor shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why Avance Care is trying to make life easier and more convenient by introducing online appointment booking.  Now you can book your appointment without every picking up the telephone, unless of course you are browsing our mobile site or using our Healow app on your smartphone. We’re not talking about scheduling weeks or even months in the future, we’re talking about picking an available appointment slot, at one of our award winning facilities, as soon as today!

On every page of our website now you can find the book online option tab on the right, just below our popular live chat feature. The system will help you decide what type of appointment is best for you. Do you want to see any of our providers today because you are sick, or would you prefer to see your primary care provider sometime in the next few days to continue working on being as healthy as you can be? The choice is yours.

Just one side note… due to the comprehensive nature of our annual wellness physical exams, and the need to coordinate them with our lab, we ask that you still call the office to schedule your annual physical. Thank you and see you online!

Don't delay the care you need.

Open 7-days a week with same-day appointments.