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March 2, 2022

March is National Nutrition Month – Benefits of Fiber

March kicks off National Nutrition Month, dedicated to promoting informed food choices, healthy eating, and physical activity habits. Luckily, there are a variety of small changes you can make to your diet and routines to improve your health and well-being. Below, we explore tips from one of our Avance Care registered dietitians, Alexandra Galvin, RD, LD, on the benefits of fiber and how to incorporate it into your diet.

What is fiber?

Fiber is a complex carbohydrate that provides many health benefits, such as improving our digestion and keeping us fuller for longer. In addition, it even lowers the risk of certain diseases.

How much fiber do we need?

Build up to eating >25 grams per day. Food labels can be helpful to better calculate your fiber intake. For example, 5 grams of fiber on a food label is considered “high fiber”. It’s important to eat two types of fiber, as they serve different purposes in your body:

•Soluble fiber- found in fruits, beans, seeds, psyllium
•Insoluble fiber- found in beans, nuts, wheat bran, whole wheat flour, vegetables

Meanwhile, be sure to increase water intake, as this will help with the digestion of fiber.

How can you incorporate more fiber in your diet?

  • Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables
  • Make sandwiches with whole grain bread
  • Add psyllium husk or chia seeds to oatmeal
  • Find high fiber recipes into your meal planning that include foods you already enjoy (get inspiration here)

Want to learn more about how to improve your health through nourishing foods? At Avance Care Nutrition, our team of caring providers offer a wide variety of nutrition services to help you reach your health goals while learning how your food choices can impact your health. Find support through Nutrition Services at our Avance Care locations.

Alexandra “Lexi” Galvin is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian that has been in the healthcare industry since 2018. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her dietetic internship at Iowa State University. She is currently completing her master’s at the University of Rhode Island.

Lexi’s approach to nutrition counseling is the perfect combination of warm and personable. She strives to provide client-centered care by promoting optimal wellness, looking beyond just solving your symptoms. By listening to your concerns, she prioritizes your goals throughout your journey and tailor’s a treatment that addresses your unique needs.

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