Avance Care Behavioral Health

Chronic Pain Therapy Group

Are you tired of your chronic pain ruling over your life?
Do you feel anxious, angry or just fed up?


The Avance Care Chronic Pain Therapy Group is here for you.

This group is a collaboration between Avance Care Behavioral Health and Avance Psychiatry. It is being offered at no cost to established Avance Care patients. If you are not an Avance Care patient but would like to participate, please contact the Group Facilitator.

Chronic Pain Therapy Group

A Holistic Chronic Pain Group Designed to Support and Empower Patients who struggle with Chronic Pain

    We aim to...

The group is currently REMOTE through Zoom every 2nd Wednesday of the
month at 11am-12:30pm.

The group is available to established Avance Care patients at no cost. If you are experiencing chronic pain and wish to engage in a new group therapy experience at no cost, please contact the group coordinator [email protected]. Not an established Avance Care patient? Ask our group coordinator how to become one.