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December 22, 2023

Avance Care Providers Pioneer Research for Enhanced Patient and Community Care

Patients probably aren’t aware when their doctors take the time to research important healthcare topics and come up with findings worthy of being published. Yet that’s one of the most important tools physicians use to provide outstanding care.

Many think of medical research as the sandbox that physicians and PhDs at academic medical centers and large specialty clinics play in. And while primary care doctors and family physicians are welcome, they’re not expected to hang out there very much.

Avance Care and Medical Research

While medical research is commonly associated with academic medical centers and large specialty clinics, Avance Care shatters this stereotype. Our clinical staff takes the initiative to delve into research, going beyond the obligatory continuing medical education, and contributing findings that can significantly impact patient outcomes.

Dr. Vomer, a board-certified expert in family and sports medicine, as well as physical therapy, recently achieved a remarkable feat. He had three additional peer-reviewed papers accepted for publication, further solidifying his commitment to advancing medical knowledge. Dr. Rock Vomer our lead physician at the Avance Care Wilmington office, who’s board-certified in family and sports medicine as well as physical therapy, just had three more peer-reviewed papers accepted for publication, adding to his growing list.

He led collaborative research efforts across several institutions that looked at separate issues:

The strides made by Dr. Vomer exemplify the commitment of primary care clinicians across North Carolina who go above and beyond their daily responsibilities. Through their dedicated research, these healthcare professionals actively contribute to improving the quality of care and making a tangible difference in the lives of their patients.

We extend our appreciation to Dr. Vomer and all primary care clinicians who are at the forefront of transformative research. By fostering a culture that values innovation and continuous improvement, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare that goes beyond the expected standards. As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to a future where pioneering research continues to shape the landscape of patient care, ultimately benefitting communities across the state.

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