ADHD Teen Group Therapy

This group starts June 11!

Teens are on the fast road to independence with only a few short years left for family input on social-emotional skill development.

Brains at this age are going through massive renovations with hormone changes. It‘s easy to start internalizing large emotional responses as signs of not fitting in, failing or not being good enough.

Did you know ADHD actually increases the intensity and duration of emotions? This age is tough enough.

Join us as we help them find the formula of self-care that can lend itself to increased focus, motivation and connectivity.

During this group youth will:

  • Explore the impact of ADHD on emotional needs
  • Gain language around types of self-care, coping skills and emotions
  • Build strategies and tact as they learn to get these needs met in a community and home settings.

Families are provided open access to the materials to model and practice the content at home and make room for new feedback.

Week 1: Emotions

Week 2: Self-care

Week 3: Boundaries

*Disclaimer* When discussing boundaries we will cover both physical and emotional boundaries. We would be amiss to not include sexual boundaries within this conversation given the average first exposure to sexual intimacy and romantic relationships in the US occurs at the age of 16/17. Content is provided for parental review. Parents can elect to skip this group, though it is highly recommended given that it will touch on identifying domestic violence relationships and consent.

Week 4: Coping skills

Week 5: Coping tools

The Avance Care ADHD Teen therapy group starts June 11th and will meet for 5 weeks. The virtual group meets Tuesdays, 4PM – 5PM.

Groups may be covered by insurance. Our coordinators will confirm your benefits prior to the group. If the group is not covered by insurance, we offer affordable self-pay fee of $40 per session.

To learn more about the Avance Care ADHD teen therapy groups, or to join a group, call 984.263.0846 or request more information below.

Frequently Asked Questions