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July 2, 2020

A Thorough Guide to Handwashing

By Joanne Fruth, MD in partnership with Cardinal Points Imaging of the Carolinas


If never before, hygiene is of utmost importance now, as we work to continually flatten the curve and prevent the spread of harmful viruses and illness. Everyone washes their hands, but how well? There are over 40 surfaces on our hands! Dr. Fruth walks us through how to cover all the bases when washing your hands.

Dr. Fruth is a family physician with a mission to promote the benefits of primary care and especially Family Medicine (#FMrevolution).  As Chief Medical Officer at Avance Care, Dr. Fruth uses her years of experience and passion for teaching to inspire other clinicians to make each primary care visit one which builds the foundation good health

Dr. Fruth loves hiking, trips to Broadway and seeking adventure (or a quiet evening) with her emergency physician husband. She has three adult children on their own missions to make the world a better place.

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