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Randy Wyatt 

“I came, I lost, I kept it off!”

I was a skeptic. I’d lost a lot of weight over the years- and I would always gain it back. When you follow the latest diet fad or thing you read or saw on TV, you are left on your own to figure things out and how to adapt your lifestyle to their one-size-fits-all system. And when it invariably doesn’t work or last, you feel like a failure. After all, it worked with everyone else, didn’t it? It must be my fault.


I was wary of trying a new system because I didn’t see how it would be any different than before. When you’ve been up and down as much as I have, it is easy to feel defeated before you even start. You need to see some reason to hope this time will be different. I quickly discovered there was a key difference this time: personalized care!


With Shannon, I’ve found a partner who works with me, has gotten to know my personal strengths and weaknesses and likes and dislikes, and has adapted her knowledge and skills to me. She explores what I’ve tried in the past that worked and what didn’t work. We talk about the foods I like and what I won’t eat no matter how healthy. Shannon answers my questions and educates me. She helps me develop shopping and cooking skills and provides pointers on how to eat healthy away from home. She even researched area restaurants to recommend specific, healthy choices. She celebrates my successes and keeps me honest when I need it. Shannon is my personal coach and cheerleader.


This one-on-one, personal approach has made all the difference and was something I could not have gotten on my own or from a book or TV. In less than a year:

  • I have lost 50 pounds;
  • My cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose levels are well within normal ranges- the best they have been in decades
  • My BMI has dropped almost 10 points.

People I work with compliment me and I have an all-new wardrobe to match the all-new me. I’m now a believer. A 50-pound lighter, healthier believer.


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