After-Hours Care Appointments

Primary care is the key to individual wellness. Roughly 22% of Americans have no primary care physician and 38% don’t get a yearly physical. Health risks often go undetected and can turn into a serious chronic disease or health event such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer. Many forms of these diseases are preventable with regular primary care visits, along with diet and exercise. 

The most common excuse for not seeing a PCP is a lack of access and convenience. “I can’t get an appointment” or “I’m too busy to go during the workday” are common complaints. This causes employees to be reactive, utilizing urgent care, specialists or the emergency room, where the costs of care are significantly higher and continuity of care is typically lacking.

Traditional corporate wellness programs fail to generate ROI due to employee’s lack of primary care engagement. Avance Care’s TotalHealth program takes a different, but effective approach by closing the loop on care from screening to treatment and follow-up. Along with onsite or near-site biometric screenings, employee portal, onsite health education programs, incentives, health coaching, and health and fitness challenges, TotalHealth leverages Avance Care’s network of primary care practices to help employers control healthcare costs and engage employees to manage their personal health. 

What Sets Us Apart

  • 8 locations across the Triangle, with 4 new locations opening this year
  • NCQA- recognized Patient Centered Medical Home with 24x7 access to high-value care
  • Guaranteed appointments within 24 hours
  • Evening and weekend hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-7:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-3:00pm
  • After-hours telehealth access to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Always a primary care co-pay
  • Web/mobile appointment scheduling
  • Nutrition counseling, behavioral health, labs, x-ray, and allergy services all under one roof
  • Care Management services to improve outcomes of patients with chronic conditions
  • Pharmacy services providing home/office medication delivery to improve convenience and compliance


Specialty Services

Our specialty services available include allergy, immunotherapy, and treatment for opioid addiction. With opioid misuse spiking in recent years, we provide medication and behavioral health treatment to treat the addiction. 

Pharmacy Services

Full-service pharmacy with convenient and timely home delivery and onsite sampling of 25+ free generic meds for acute and chronic conditions. Enhances convenience and compliance. 

Medication Therapy Management

As a free service for patients with multiple medications, our pharmacist will review health conditions, current conditions, and lifestyle with patients. For any medication too costly, or carrying negative side effects, the pharmacist will recommend alternative medication to the patient’s provider.

Occupational Health Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of pre-employment and ongoing employment services from drug tests to vaccinations.

Care Mangement

Complex Care Mangement 

A small percentage (10+%) of your employees drive up to 80% of your total healthcare costs. Our Complex Case Management program will monitor outcomes, schedule regular maintenance visits, and ensure medication compliance to reduce the total cost of your least healthy employees. 

Comprehensive Care Coordination

All patients receive care coordination that includes Avance Care’s complete ownership of referrals to outside specialists or facilities, pre-visit planning, timely reminders on routine follow-up visits, and preventive care, post-hospital discharge support, prior authorization, and much more. 

Chronic Care Management

Comprehensive, coordinated, and personalized care for your employees with complex medical needs. An RN case manager works with patients to improve outcomes and control costs. 


Easy Access

Onsite physicals for employees, flu shots, immunization, biometric screening, and onsite primary care services. Or, employees may choose one of the Avance Care’s many near-site locations where are open 7 days a week with extended weekday and weekend hours so there’s no need to take off work to receive primary care.                                            

Wellness Portal – Employee

Employees use the TotalEngage Wellness portal to access their biometric screening outcomes, health risk assessment, and personal health report, challenges, and incentives. The all-inclusive portal allows employees to maintain their own health and links to Avance Care’s patient portal providing access to make appointments at one of our nearby locations.

Wellness Portal – Employers

Employers use the TotalEngage Wellness portal to view aggregate health information across the employee population, view claims information, schedule challenges, manage communications to high-risk individuals (while maintaining privacy), and use the information to plan programs specific to the health needs of employees.

Health Education

Quarterly lunch-n-learn events with our nutritionist and behavioral wellness therapists. Choose from a variety of topics on healthy eating, stress reduction, and managing other work-related or personal challenges.  

Weight Management Program

Our nutritionists come onsite and deliver a 6-week weight management program for employees. Additional details here. 

EAP Services

Brief counseling for stress management.


The TotalHealth team works with employers to design the wellness program that best fits the needs of your company. Consultation can include identification of incentives, developing challenges, scheduling onsite screenings and programs, and environmental considerations to support your wellness program. 


Telehealth/Teletherapy Services

Access to a medical provider via online video. Established patients can speak to a provider in minutes without leaving their home or work. Nutrition and behavioral therapy sessions are also available via online video. As an option, patients seeing our nutrition or behavioral wellness therapists can schedule sessions on break time during the workday.  

More Information

For Employers

Your employees are your greatest asset. They can also be a big expense. The average increase in healthcare costs is 6-8% for employers who do not provide an employee wellness program. But how do you implement a high-impact program that will engage employees? The answer is simple. The TotalHealth program engages employees in yearly primary care and biometric screenings, health tracking through a wellness portal, onsite wellness programs, and incentives. The result is healthier, engaged employees and a better bottom line for employers.

For Brokers

When your clients have employees who struggle to engage in wellness and maintain a healthy lifestyle, TotalHealth is the solution. We’ll work with your clients to build a corporate wellness program that engages all employees in healthier lifestyles and reduces healthcare costs.