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At Avance Primary Care in South Chapel Hill, our welcoming environment will make you feel comfortable, and you will not have to wait to be seen by a skilled doctor who can offer you personalized treatment. We can help you with general wellness, PAP smears, breast exams, menopause, irregular menstrual cycles, contraception, and female infections, as well as all of our regular health services.

Womens Health Services In South Chapel Hill, NC

  • Wellness & Primary Care: At Avance Primary Care in South Chapel Hill, our doctors diagnose, and provide treatment for women of all ages. We can review your medical records and risk factors related to conditions such as heart disease, breast cancer, cervical or ovarian cancer, and other issues that affect women specifically. At our South Chapel Hill office, we can also preform blood tests to diagnose common issues.
  • PAP Smear: This test can help identify your risk for cervical cancer and other cancer related problems. In cases where we identify an issue, we will advise you on your treatment options.
  • Breast Exam: Identifying breast cancer early on can end up saving your life. Our experienced professionals can provide a routine breast exam to check for potential cancer. We can also refer you to outpatient imaging centers that will accept your insurance, and are conveniently located for screening or diagnostic mammograms.
  • Menopause: Our staff can diagnose menopause and determine the best treatment options for your situation. We will discuss the different treatments with you and determine an option that will work best for you. We will then help coordinate your care.
  • Irregular Periods: Our South Chapel Hill healthcare staff can help women with issues related to abnormal menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding, or irregular frequency. Our experienced staff will diagnose your condition and offer treatment options.
  • Contraception: There are many different options when it comes to contraception, and the options can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. We can discuss the benefits and risks of different contraceptives, and help determine the best choice for your lifestyle. We will determine the correct dosage and adjust the medication if needed.
  • Female Infections: Female infections can be dangerous if not treated and lead to other gynecological issues.

Our South Chapel Hill womens health doctors and physicians are fully trained to help with any health issues you are struggling with.


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