After-Hours Care Appointments

Considering a Walk-in?

No problem!

Avance Care is not an Urgent Care center.

We are also able to schedule most appointments within 24 hours or on same day, if requested before noon.

We do accommodate walk-ins during our regular scheduled appointment hours. To minimize wait time, we highly recommend you call us or LiveChat and obtain an appointment.

Please click here to find our regular office hours.

Walk-in Hours for Sick Visits

We are generally able to provide same day appointments. Please call us or LiveChat.

  • Monday – Friday: Morning – 7:30AM to 8:00AM.
  • Saturday – Sunday: 50% of appointment slots kept open for same day sick appointments. We highly recommend you call us or LiveChat. and obtain a same day appointment.

Illnesses that are chronic in nature or that are more complex and don’t require immediate attention are NOT APPROPRIATE for walk-in hours. We request that visits for the following concerns be scheduled during normal appointment hours: allergy testing, chronic abdominal pain, colic, behavior concerns, sleep issues, chronic constipation, school related problems, ADHD, chronic headache, follow up from a hospital stay, and medication management.

What if I just “walk-in” and ask to be seen?

During our morning walk-in time, a medical provider will see you if you have an urgent medical problem on first-come-first-serve basis.

For other hours, we must, of course, give priority to patients who already have scheduled appointment. We will make every effort to accommodate you, but the wait could be very long. For this reason, we ask that you calls us or LiveChat and obtain an appointment to be seen that day.

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