After-Hours Care Appointments


Membership in Avance Care’s Premier or TotalHealth programs save you time and money. Our exclusive membership options are ideal for those who are insured and value enhanced convenience and access to high quality primary care support services or for those who are uninsured and want to reduce out-of-pocket cost. 

Membership Options*

Do you have an insurance plan we accept?

Enhance convenience by becoming a premier member. Whether it’s a last-minute appointment, a yearly physical or counseling, we’ve got you covered. 


Are you a self-pay patient** and prefer paying at the time of the service?

Reduce out-of-pocket costs by 25% for wellness and sick visits as well as discounts on our wide range of services.

Are you a self-pay patient** and want to have predictable low monthly cost?

See your doctor, dietitian, pharmacist or counselor on your schedule when you need it most. It’s that simple.

*You do not need to have a Premier Membership to receive services at Avance Care. Though membership is highly recommended to get the best of what Avance Care offers and certain services are offered only to Premier or TotalHealth Members.

**A Self-Pay Patient is either uninsured or has insurance plan we are not in network. Self-Pay Patients pay in full at the time of visit for our services and we are not required to file a claim or submit any documentation to a third party.  Insured patients with high-deductible or HSA plans that Avance Care is in-network cannot be a Premier Self-Pay or TotalHealth Individual Member. 

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