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Reducing Costs, Improving Employee Health & Productivity


Avance Care TotalHealth Is the Solution to Your Company’s Rising Healthcare Costs.

Our program is Primary Care focused, engages with employees and is easily accessible – 7 days a week. Your employee’s health is managed by an integrated team of healthcare providers including Physicians, Dietitians, Therapists, Pharmacists and RN Case Managers utilizing on-site, near-site and virtual care.


TotalEngage Program

Whether it is completion of a health risk assessment, health fairs, nutrition lunch and learns, vaccination or helping employees become active, we engage, encourage, and incentivize employees to lead a healthier lifestyle. Program includes Online Engagement Portal and reporting (patient, employer, and healthcare provider).

Onsite Medical Services

Onsite physicals for employees, flu shots, immunization, biometric screening, and onsite primary care services.

EAP Services 

Brief counseling for stress management, resolving conflicts at work, critical incident debriefing and other crisis management services, etc. 




Access to a medical provider via online video. Nutrition and behavioral therapy sessions via online video.

Avance App

Your healthcare “Easy” button. Smart Phone App (portal) that simplifies healthcare and provides easy access to cost-efficient healthcare services.

Medication Therapy Management

Consult with a clinical pharmacist to simplify medication treatment plans and ensure that medications are working safely and effectively and are at the best price available.


The Next Generation of Primary Care

Same-Day and Evening Appointments 

During the weekdays, priority access to same-day appointment if requested by noon. (Excludes preventive care and chronic conditions.)

Weekend Appointments

Priority access to weekend appointments for all medical needs, including same-day appointments.

Nutrition Services

Access to accredited nutrition programs staffed by licensed dietitians/nutritionists.

Behavioral Wellness Services 

Access to licensed mental health specialists trained and experienced in dealing with a wide variety of behavioral health conditions and situations.

Avance Care Pharmacy

Full-service pharmacy with convenient and timely home delivery and onsite sampling of 25+ free generic meds for acute and chronic conditions. Enhances convenience and compliance.

Specialty Services

Access to allergy testing, immunotherapy, sleep studies, opioid addiction treatment and much more.

Comprehensive Care Coordination

Complete ownership of referrals to outside specialists or facilities, pre-visit planning, timely reminders on routine follow-up visits, and preventive care, post-hospital discharge support, prior authorization, and much more.

Chronic Care Management Services

Modeled after CMS Chronic Care Management Services. Enhance care management service for patients with multiple, significant chronic conditions.

Complex Case Management Services

Comprehensive, coordinated, and personalized care from an RN case manager at a centralized location for patients with complex medical needs. Improves outcomes and controls costs.

Occupational Health Services

Comprehensive suite of pre-employment and ongoing employment services.

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