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September 17, 2018

A Conversation With Shannon Corlett, MS, RDN, LDN

Name: Shannon Corlett, MS, RDN, LDN

Role at Avance: Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist

Years at Avance Care: 3 years

My first job: Dairy Queen.

Why primary care:  I try to constantly pursue knowledge and the wide range of people I interact with in primary care push me to learn and grow. Instead of having one specialty, every day is new and different.

Why I love Avance Care:  Every provider at Avance Care strives to listen to their patients, know them as people, and provide the absolute best care possible. I love being part of a group that goes above and beyond to help other people.

If I wasn’t a dietitian I would be:  The owner and vintner of a biodynamic vineyard. Or, if we’re discussing more financially viable options, a professor of nutrition. If I don’t have to be realistic at all, definitely a tiger trainer. Is there a limit to how many answers I can give?

My favorite part of nutrition is:  A small shift in perspective can completely change someone’s life. We are all bombarded with mixed messages about health and wellness, making it impossible to meet unrealistic expectations. Accepting that health is not about perfection, but about choosing to give yourself some of the attention you give every other aspect of your life, can be freeing, motivating, and relaxing all at once.

If someone wanted to start a conversation with me, they should ask me about:  My dog (or tell me about your pets), what book(s) I’m reading (or give me a suggestion for a book you’ve recently read), gardening/farming, family, or discuss something you’re passionate about.

How I connect to patients:  I’m a nerd, a person (and therefore imperfect), and so passionate about health and nutrition. I choose to display these characteristics because I know seeing a dietitian can feel like you’re checking in with the “food police,” but I actually love to eat, and I want people to see that. I know what it feels like to have your food choices judged (yes, I am a dietitian. no, you should not be shocked that I am having a slice of birthday cake) and I want my patients to feel like they’re seeing someone who supports them on their journey.

The one piece of nutritional advice I tell my patients but have a difficult time incorporating into my own life:  Everything in moderation… specifically cheese.

If I have a three day weekend, I can be found: Hiking with my dog, reading, playing board games, or visiting family out of state.

The four people I would invite to my ultimate dinner party: Mine and my husband’s families. Yes, I am cheating by choosing too many people, but it’s my ultimate dinner party and there’s no one else I’d rather spend time with.



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